In the event that you cracked the screen on you win a free iphone 6 plus and Apple is not a choice, we can demonstrate to the industry standards to alter it yourself!

The iPhone 6, similar to some other iPhone, is vulnerable to the accidents of us insignificant people. If you've wound up with a cracked iPhone screen or a shattered screen, you have a couple of alternatives. On the off chance that Apple isn't one of them, for reasons unknown, a Do-It-Yourself repair is must consider or use a free iPhone  Not just that, it can take under 10 minutes, if of you have the right parts and instruments for the occupation. That is the place we come in! Not just would we be able to demonstrate to you where to locate the best parts and devices, we can walk you through each progression of the repair, from beginning to end!

Apple versus DIY Repair

Before playing out any DIY repair, you ought to assess every one of your alternatives. For those that obtained AppleCare+ for their iPhone 6, go straight to an Apple Store or call 1-800-APL-CARE to plan a mail-in repair. Your guarantee covers you for this sort of episode, and it will cost you far less.

If you don't have AppleCare+ yet just have a minor break in your screen and no harm to the edge, Apple may, in any case, be your best choice. As of composing this, Apple charges $109 in addition to assessing (USD) to supplant the screen on an iPhone 6. Simply know that if for reasons unknown your iPhone 6 fizzles Apple's alignment procedure, or your edge is twisted, they'll charge you the full substitution cost, which is right now at $299 in addition to assessing.

For those that don't live close to an Apple Store and would prefer not to mail in their iPhone 6, DIY repair might be the right decision for you. There are bunches of reasons individuals pick DIY repair, including complete expense. While Apple's substitution costs don't ordinarily change, the expense to repair an iPhone drops radically as the telephone ages. The iPhone 6 is no special case so make sure to continue returning on part costs. They can and will keep on falling.