Question 1. Do you supplant only the glass on my gadget or the entire front screen?

ANSWER: We supplant the whole front board of your gadget. Not at all like a few organizations that will stay there for 60 minutes and pick bits of your glass off of your touch screen and put pointless warmth on your telephone, we let our expense be a bit higher to verify your screen does not have any dust particles, or scratches or lines. We take pride in our work and no offense however we never need you to return unless you break it again.

Question 2. Is there any good reason why i shouldn't simply get my telephone settled by somebody on craigslist and spare some cash?

ANSWER: In spite of the fact that we can't answer this inquiries for each gadget you will call us about here are a few reasons we incline toward you go to an ensured expert and not "some gentleman on craigslist". Most importantly, every iPhone has a nearness sensor, which permits the telephone to stop the screen while the telephone is put by your ear amid a telephone call. This can be broken effectively and is difficult to supplant so we verify the repair is finished with alert to keep this part safe to keep you from hanging up on those essential telephone calls by error. Second, there are numerous wires in the back of the telephone that are delicate when twisted in the wrong way. At Manhattan iPhone Repair we make a point to be extremely cautious with these wires so there are no network issues later on. To wrap things up, the photo on our LCD looks stunning. On the off chance that you go to the gentleman on the side of your piece, they are in all probability utilizing parts that are ease, modest quality, and won't last. Moreover, on the off chance that you contrast the hues and touch affectability and the quality LCD you will be getting from us, we can promise you won't differentiate between our LCD and the one initially on your telephone.

Question 3. I heard I could exchange my telephone to apple. Why would it be a good idea for me to come repair it?

ANSWER: In nowadays economy, everybody is attempting to spare a couple of additional bucks. At the point when going to apple, they will more often than not swap out your telephone for about $100 or much more. In the event that you stop into Manhattan iPhone Repair you will see our costs are a large portion of what apple charges for any kind of repair. Another reason we can accommodate you is that you can spare a considerable measure of time via repairing it. First and foremost, you don't lose any data when you repair your telephone, contrasted with an Apple swap where you would need to move down your data and restore it on the new gadget which typically take around 40 minutes relying upon the heap of data on your telephone. With Manhattan iPhone Repair, all the data on your gadget is kept there! Second, Apple does not furnish you with a fresh out of the box new telephone, rather they give you a second hand repaired unit with where a portion of the parts inside can be utilized some time recently,

Question 4. Imagine a scenario in which I settle my screen with you and I have issues after. Did I simply lose all the cash I spent?

ANSWER: Contingent upon the issue you are most likely secured under our 90 day consumer loyalty guarantee. This guarantee covers the new part for up to 90 days. On the off chance that you break the gadget again or there is unmistakable wear and tear to the gadget or part we supplanted it won't be secured; notwithstanding, on the off chance that you change a screen with us or some other part and are not totally fulfilled by it, come in and let us know. We will deal with you!

 Question 5. When you repair my gadget, do I lose all my data?

ANSWER:In spite of the fact that we do urge each client to go down his or her gadget before the repair, we have not had an issue where information is lost amid the repair. Since we are just changing the segment that is harmed, there is an okay of information misfortune amid the repair. free iphone 6 plus giveaway 2016

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