Getting a iphone from any place other than the official apple store can often be a very foolish and dangerous thing to do, the reason why it is so foolish and dangerous is because so many independent retailers sell the product with out the right warranties and you can find your self easily paying double to triple the amount of money to get a replacement apple iphone 6 and on top of that usually independent retailer purchases have no insurance attached to them. This can hurt big time when you are a victim of phone theft, or your phone breaks, or gets flushed down the toilet by accident. Many people have accidents every year involving their phones and the best thing about accidents is insurance. Meaning if an accident did happen,  with the right insurance you would be covered and able to quickly replace the item the accident happened to. Usually an insurance company for your phone will charge a small monthly fee in addition to your phone bill, and this small fee is taken just for insurance purposed where if something or some malfunction was to happen to your phone you would not have to worry about replacing it. Because you would have a track record of paying for phone insurance that is verifiable, and your insurance company would happily reimburse you for paying your insurance bill on time, with a brand new phone. The major problem with independent retailers is the fact that if you get into a problem with your phone the insurance companies will not be there to bail you out and foot the bill. Therefore, it is much smarter to make a purchase of your iphone at an official apple store that will attach insurance and warranties all over your brand new iphone which of course helps when the device is not so brand new any more.