Getting An iPhone fixed using iphone 6 plus is a very smart move and one that will be beneficial for you. The iphone is one of the most fantastic pieces of Technology in modern history. This piece of technology can not only make calls and text but it can also download applications download music download photos download videos take photos take videos and activate a flashlight that helps you see in the dark. Is for this reason that millions of people all over the world internationally have downloaded applications for the iPhone as well as updates for the iPhone as well as going out and buying an iPhone themselves and for family. If you are serious about buying an iPhone expect to Shell out at least 500 US dollars at an Apple Store near you. If you were interested in getting an iphone 5 screen repair it is a very wise decision to go to the Apple Store and buy it since going to the Apple Store comes with different benefits such as warranties on the item as well as insurance to make sure if your item is damaged or lost that it can easily be gotten again. When you buy from the Independent vendor instead of going to the Apple Store you can face many difficulties and problems a perfect example standings from Julian Julian went to an independent vendor and bought his iPhone for $790 however when it broke he had no insurance and no warranty from the Independent vendor and if you wanted to get a new phone of the same kind he quickly found out he would have to pay another $790 whereas if he had bought it from the Apple Store he would have had insurance and the warranty on the iPhone and been able to get a new one for as low as $50.