Many people all over the world and internationally are excited to own an iphone but they quickly realize there is not much to be excited about aside from the capabilities and applications you can download the phone. This is because the phone is much like any other and has a tendency to break at the wrong times and have the screen shatter in to tiny little pieces which you have to either pick the small pieces of glass up and risk cutting your self or you have to go to an buy iphone 4s expert to get it fixed, which can be very costly money wise. Many people spend easily $500 a year on new screens for their iphones and it provides very small benefits aside from keeping your phone working at a good pace. If you are trying to get the iphone what you need to realize is that its screen is not infallible and it can easily crack whether you had the phone 1 day or 1 year and that is what makes it such a risky phone to get. There are some phones which will never crack because of how the screens are built but the iphone is honestly not one of those phones. The iphone has been known to break and crack at many different points and it is not easy to put back together which is why people have a tendency of hiring experts when they need their iphone fixed. When you are in need of such a fix it is important to weigh out whether it is that important that you get it fixed, if it is there are plenty experts who can fix this problem but they will not be afraid to charge you a hefty fee when they do. If you do not get it fixed you could always leave the phone as is and continue usage but it is risky the more broken it is.